Tarabaroz Fisheries LTD

As accomplished sea traders, Tarabaroz Fisheries Ltd runs a successful fishing company in Nigeria. With an established jetty at the Tin Can Island Port area, Tarabaroz deploys modern fishing activities. Tarabaroz’s experience is borne out of years of practice. As a reputable member of the local fishing trawler association, they subscribe to all international codes for safety in fishing operations and sustainable development of marine life and the ecosystem. Tarabaroz Fisheries Ltd, formed in 1984, maintains regular trawling with 10 ships. The bulk of the catch is mainly fish, prawns and crabs, while available fish variety includes croaker, eel, catfish and barracuda. All buyers of fish and fish products are welcome to discuss their needs which in turn are taken care of efficiently and with the greatest value.

Contact Person: Mr. G. Singh
Address: 2nd Gate,
Tin Can Island Port,
Badagry Creek, Apapa.
P O Box 3414,
Apapa, Lagos Nigeria.
Tel: +234 1 5452568, 5877648, 5804574, 5878223.
Fax: +234 1 5878223.